Ben Guttin is a Mexican artist living and working in New York. His work has been shown at the Multiforo del ICBC, Tijuana, Baja California, among other galleries and institutions in Mexico and California. Since coming to New York and finishing his studies at NYU in the School of Continuing Education, Guttin's sculptural, installation, performance and video work has been included in a number of group shows in downtown Manhattan. Most recently he awarded 300 gold dusted medals to the visitors of the "You Can Have It All" exhibition in Spring 2007. His photographic work has been featured in Art Forum. Guttin also regularly offers his expertise as a moldmaker to other artists, and is a full time assistant for artist Anne Chu.

Drawing from a larger sculptural endeavor based on the phenomenon and natural design of crystal quartz formations that I am currently engaged in, the piece presented is a drawn representation of that which I am aiming to realize sculpturally. Already a part of my artistic practice, in sending out preliminary sketches and drawings to other artists and friends I am sharing the shapes and forms that I am in pursuit of at the time. The opportunity to involve many others in this excitement and compulsion or need to disseminate my images and concept presents itself in the INFINITE EXCHANGE GALLERY show. The recipient of the drawing is asked to first present their own representation of a crystalline formation, and send theirs back to me in the self addressed stamped envelope present at the gallery.